Building Access and Use

        In addition to our worship space, Goss Hall, attached to the Church, has restrooms, a Kitchen, a small “Parlor,” and Large meeting room upstairs. 
        Access to our building is through the right front door on the Church for activities in the Sanctuary, and an entrance from the parking lot between the Church and Goss Hall which give access to the Sanctuary as well as restrooms, the church office and meeting rooms.  Both of these entrances require the use of several stairs.  There is also an entrance from the driveway on Elm Street.  This entrance is at ground level and enters the building right next to the elevator.  If you plan to use this entrance, please contact us in advance so that we may make sure it is unlocked and open.

The Sanctuary at Unitarian Church in Mendon is a fine performance hall and has hosted many musical performances and provides excellent acoustics for lectures, etc. – It will accommodate about 200 people. It is also an attractive space to hold a wedding, child dedication of memorial service. The space also includes a Steinway concert piano and organ.

Fellowship Hall measures 25 feet by 48 feet. It is a casual space that is adjacent to the kitchen and is suitable for many types of functions.  Goss Hall is now air conditioned for summer use.

There is a large is kitchen with commercial-grade equipment: stove, sinks, and countertop, and cookware.  Generally use of the kitchen is limited to warming and serving food.

Off Goss Hall is a small parlor.  Generally it is used by the Women’s Alliance and for other Church functions, but in special cases it can be made available to the larger community

Downstairs are another large meeting space and several smaller classrooms as well as the Church offices, storage space and utility/boiler room.  These can provide “breakout space” for larger gatherings as well as smaller meetings and activities.

        Our building is available at nominal cost for meetings and/or social gatherings.  For more information, contact the Church Office and/or the Minister.

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