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2015 Season


Social Action in Haiti

        Many Churches and Unitarian Universalist congregations especially consider Social Action to be an integral part of the purpose of a Church. If our faith does not call us to work to make of the world a better place it is hollow indeed. As a small congregation, however, we do not have the numbers to take on a large project ourselves. A number of our members are active in supporting a diverse group of causes. If you see one that interests you or that you would like more information about it, contact the Church office. We welcome members of the larger community to join us in these Social Action projects, whether or not you are interested in other activities of our Church community.


       Some of our Church Members support a project in Haiti providing both health care and schooling in one community. in 2015 they spent time in Haiti providing healthcare, helping to aquire medicines and equipment and helping to establish procedures and record keeping to make the healthcare more effective and efficitent. They will return this spring


Run for life

     I know too many people whose lives have been touched by cancer. I can't sit still and not take action against this disease that has hurt so many. That's why I'm participating in the American Cancer Society Relay For LifeĀ® movement. Relay For Life is my opportunity to celebrate loved ones who have won their battle against cancer, remember those no longer with us, and fight back against this disease that robs so many of so much.

     More than just walking the track, I'm fundraising! Because of the donations I collect, more people in more communities: Have the information and tools they need to help reduce their risk of getting cancer or find the disease early, when it's easiestto treat.

  • Have a place to turn for help 24/7
  • Benefit from the progress being made toward finding cancer's causes and cures
  • Get access to lifesaving screenings and treatment
  • Please join me in fighting cancer and consider supporting my fundraising efforts by making a donation. The links at the bottom of this email makes it so simple! Dollars raised bring us one step closer to a world with less cancer and more birthdays, a world where not another life is lost to the disease.
    Thank you so much for your support. Together, we will finish the fight!
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    Social Action


    The Congregation has a long history of inviting contributions of food and non-perishable items for local food banks. A special concern is personal care needs and other non-food "essentials".

    Our Children's Religious Education members have worked to raise money to support the Heifer Project.


    Join us to find other opportunities to make a difference in the larger community!


    Each month our newsletter lists opportunities for service.




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